Hi. My name is Anya and I am a Whitby, Ontario artist.   I come from a long line of makers and creative people who have inspired me throughout my life.

Both of my grandmothers were skilled seamstresses who made clothes and home décor items, usually without patterns.  My grandfather was a cobbler who made and repaired shoes and leather goods.  My mother sewed most of my clothes and was an avid crocheter who skillfully designed and created clothes for my Barbie dolls when I was a child.  My aunt created beautiful cross stitch pictures and often dyed her own threads.

My favourite materials to work with are textiles and wood. Much of the material used in my projects is reclaimed and recycled.  I often integrate items that I have gathered during walks on the beach or through woods.  I save my finds until I have the perfect piece in mind.  I love to incorporate unusual materials and bright colours into my work.  Most of the pieces you see are weather resistant and can be used to enhance your garden or any other outdoor space.

Be sure to look at my gallery to see what pieces I have available, or to get inspiration for your own custom work of art.